VPI - Vision Programming Interface

3.1 Release

TransformEstimator.h File Reference

Declares functions that implement the Transform Estimator algorithm. More...

#include "../AlgoFlags.h"
#include "../Export.h"
#include "../Status.h"
#include "../Types.h"
#include <stdint.h>
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Data Structures

struct  VPIConstrainedHomography2DConfig
 Holds the configuration of a constrained 2d homography transform. More...
union  VPITransformConfig
 Transformation parameters. More...
struct  VPITransformEstimatorParams
 Parameters used to tune Transform Estimator algorithm. More...


enum  VPITransformType
 Types of transformation supported. More...
enum  VPITransfomEstimationMethod
 Transform estimation method. More...


VPIStatus vpiCreateTransformEstimator (uint64_t backends, int32_t maxKeypoints, VPIPayload *payload)
 Creates payload for vpiSubmitTransformEstimator. More...
VPIStatus vpiInitTransformEstimatorParams (VPITransformType type, VPITransformEstimatorParams *params)
 Initializes the VPITransformEstimatorParams with default values for a given transform type. More...
VPIStatus vpiSubmitTransformEstimator (VPIStream stream, uint64_t backend, VPIPayload payload, VPIArray srcKeypoints, VPIArray tgtKeypoints, VPIArray matches, VPIArray outTransform, VPIArray outInliers, const VPITransformEstimatorParams *params)
 Submits a Transform Estimator operation to the stream. More...

Detailed Description

Declares functions that implement the Transform Estimator algorithm.

Definition in file TransformEstimator.h.