VPI - Vision Programming Interface

3.0 Release

Image Formats
typedef uint64_t VPIImageFormat
 Pre-defined image formats. More...
typedef uint64_t VPIPixelType
 Pre-defined pixel types. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ VPIImageFormat

typedef uint64_t VPIImageFormat

#include </opt/nvidia/vpi3/include/vpi/ImageFormat.h>

Pre-defined image formats.

An image format defines how image pixels are interpreted. Each image format is defined by the following components:

These pre-defined formats are guaranteed to work with algorithms that explicitly support them. Image formats can also be user-defined using the vpiMakeImageFormat family of functions.

Using user-defined image formats with algorithms can lead to undefined behavior (segfaults, etc), but usually it works as expected. Result of algorithms using these image formats must be checked for correctness, as it's not guaranteed that they will work.

Definition at line 94 of file ImageFormat.h.

◆ VPIPixelType

typedef uint64_t VPIPixelType

#include </opt/nvidia/vpi3/include/vpi/PixelType.h>

Pre-defined pixel types.

Pixel types defines the geometry of pixels in a image plane without taking into account what the value represents. For example, a VPI_IMAGE_FORMAT_NV12 is composed of 2 planes, each one with the following pixel types:

Definition at line 78 of file PixelType.h.