Aerial Research Cloud - 23-1-A0.8


The Aerial Research Cloud (ARC) alpha release (23-1-A0.7) delivers the following

The Aerial Research Cloud–A full featured platform targeted for next generation wireless evolution that eases developer onboarding and algorithm development in real time networks. The Aerial Research Cloud equips developers, researchers, operators and network equipment providers with all requisite components necessary to deploy a campus network for research with the following :

  1. A 3GPP Release 15 compliant and Over-The-Air(OTA) operational O-RAN 7.2 split campus 5G SA 4T4R wireless stack with all network elements from Radio Access Network and 5G Core. Aerial SDK Layer 1 ( is integrated with Open Air Alliance(OAI) ( Distributed Unit (DU), Centralized Unit(CU) or a 5G NR gNB and 5G Core Node(CN) network elements.

  2. A blueprint to ease onboarding, staging, and integrating the Advanced 5G network components and verification steps through bi-directional UDP traffic. This blueprint topology is illustrated below and along with the comprehensive Bill of Materials(BOM), a step-by-step staging and setup recipe, tutorials, troubleshooting tips are provided to configure all the network components for a quick turnaround live network.

  3. Complete access to source code in C/C++ is available from Layer 1 through 5GC to jump start customizations and NG algorithm research.



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