Bug Fixes

NVIDIA Parabricks v4.3.1
  • mutectcaller and haplotypecaller: Fixed a wrong alignment offset value in smith-waterman algorithm.

  • mutectcaller and haplotypecaller: Fixed a crash on GPU when running in low memory mode.

  • mutectcaller: Fixed the wrong active probability value when the pileup size is 0.

  • mutectcaller: Fixed a max coverage overflow bug.

  • rna_fq2bam: Fixed an error when passing "WithinBAM_SoftClip" or "WithinBAM_HardClip" to --out-chim-type.

  • minimap2 (Beta): Fixed support for Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) data with minimap2.

  • fq2bamfast: Fix rare erroneous assertion (Workspace not big enough, expected desiredSize <= cubWorkspaceSize, exiting). Case will now be handled correctly and fall back to CPU recovery if needed.

  • deepvariant: Fixed bug related to Smith-Waterman computation on CPU.

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