4.1.0-1 Release Notes

NVIDIA Parabricks v4.3.1

Clara Parabricks 4.1.0-1 now supports GPUs with Ada Lovelace and Hopper architecture. The DeepVariant tool no longer needs different models for different GPUs. Please visit the updated Installation Requirements section for exact requirements.

We've also sped up several tools and are now using the GPU to sort and write BAM files in fq2bam, somatic, germline and deepvariant_germline.

  • Ada Lovelace and Hopper architecture GPUs are supported for all tools.

  • fq2bam has been accelerated over the previous version by a significant factor.

  • deepvariant has been upgraded to 1.5 and supports new PacBio options.

  • deepvariant has been accelerated by a significant factor.

  • Added cloud usage guides for:

  • Added information on how to get the best performance out of your Clara Parabricks software

  • Fixed potential resource leaks in a few tools.

For further information see the Parabricks datasheet.

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