6.30. textureReference Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA Runtime]

CUDA texture reference

Public Variables

enumcudaTextureAddressMode addressMode[3]
struct cudaChannelFormatDesc channelDesc
enumcudaTextureFilterMode filterMode
unsigned int  maxAnisotropy
float  maxMipmapLevelClamp
float  minMipmapLevelClamp
enumcudaTextureFilterMode mipmapFilterMode
float  mipmapLevelBias
int  normalized
int  sRGB


enumcudaTextureAddressModetextureReference::addressMode[3] [inherited]

Texture address mode for up to 3 dimensions

struct cudaChannelFormatDesctextureReference::channelDesc [inherited]

Channel descriptor for the texture reference

enumcudaTextureFilterModetextureReference::filterMode [inherited]

Texture filter mode

unsigned int textureReference::maxAnisotropy [inherited]

Limit to the anisotropy ratio

float textureReference::maxMipmapLevelClamp [inherited]

Upper end of the mipmap level range to clamp access to

float textureReference::minMipmapLevelClamp [inherited]

Lower end of the mipmap level range to clamp access to

enumcudaTextureFilterModetextureReference::mipmapFilterMode [inherited]

Mipmap filter mode

float textureReference::mipmapLevelBias [inherited]

Offset applied to the supplied mipmap level

int textureReference::normalized [inherited]

Indicates whether texture reads are normalized or not

int textureReference::sRGB [inherited]

Perform sRGB->linear conversion during texture read