6.18. CUDA_RESOURCE_DESC Struct Reference

[Data types used by CUDA driver]

CUDA Resource descriptor

Public Variables

CUdeviceptr devPtr
unsigned int  flags
CUarray_format format
CUarray hArray
CUmipmappedArray hMipmappedArray
size_t  height
unsigned int  numChannels
size_t  pitchInBytes
CUresourcetype resType
size_t  sizeInBytes
size_t  width


CUdeviceptrCUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::devPtr [inherited]

Device pointer

unsigned int CUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::flags [inherited]

Flags (must be zero)

CUarray_formatCUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::format [inherited]

Array format

CUarrayCUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::hArray [inherited]

CUDA array

CUmipmappedArrayCUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::hMipmappedArray [inherited]

CUDA mipmapped array

size_t CUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::height [inherited]

Height of the array in elements

unsigned int CUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::numChannels [inherited]

Channels per array element

size_t CUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::pitchInBytes [inherited]

Pitch between two rows in bytes

CUresourcetypeCUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::resType [inherited]

Resource type

size_t CUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::sizeInBytes [inherited]

Size in bytes

size_t CUDA_RESOURCE_DESC::width [inherited]

Width of the array in elements