NVIDIA Cloud Native Technologies

The Operator, container runtime, device plugin, and GPU monitoring run on Kubernetes, the container engine, and your Linux distribution.
About NVIDIA Cloud Native Technologies
NVIDIA cloud-native technologies enable developers to build and run GPU-accelerated containers with Docker, Podman, and Kubernetes.
Automate the management of all NVIDIA software components needed to provision GPUs in Kubernetes.
Use NVIDIA GPUs with Red Hat's security-centric and enterprise-grade hardened Kubernetes platform.
Partners document how to use the NVIDIA GPU Operator with their Kubernetes platforms.

End-user support is provided by the partner and not NVIDIA.
Use partitioned GPUs for workloads that do not fully saturate the GPU compute capacity.
Gather GPU metrics for use with monitoring solutions such as Prometheus.
The NVIDIA device plugin for Kubernetes provides the following features:
  • Exposes the number of GPUs on each node of your cluster.
  • Keeps track of the health of your GPUs.
  • Runs GPU-enabled containers in your Kubernetes cluster.
NVIDIA GPU Feature Discovery for Kubernetes automatically generates labels for the set of GPUs on a node.
Build and run GPU-accelerated containers with the container runtime library and utilities.
NVIDIA GPUs bring accelerated computing and artificial intelligence to the edge.
Use NVIDIA GPUs with Google Anthos in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.