Install GPU Operator with Service Mesh

Special Considerations for Service Meshes

You can use NVIDIA GPU Operator in a cluster that uses a service mesh provided by Istio CNI or Linkerd CNI.

The typical consideration for using the Operator with a service mesh is that the k8s-driver-manager init container for the driver container needs network access to the Kubernetes API server of the cluster.

The data plane—implemented by Istio CNI or Linkerd CNI as proxies running as sidecar containers—must be running for any pod networking to work. The proxy sidecar containers start only after the init phase of the pod, so init containers are not able to communicate with the API server.

To address the connectivity challenge, NVIDIA recommends disabling injection for the GPU Operator namespace. Refer to the following documentation for more information:

Label the Namespace to Disable Injection

  • Label the Operator namespace to prevent automatic injection:

    $ kubectl label namespace gpu-operator istio-injection=disabled

    Or, for Linkerd:

    $ kubectl label namespace gpu-operator

If the GPU Operator is not already installed, refer to Installing the NVIDIA GPU Operator for information about custom options and common installation scenarios.