group DCGMAPI_Admin_ExecCtrl


dcgmReturn_t dcgmUpdateAllFields(dcgmHandle_t pDcgmHandle, int waitForUpdate)

This method is used to tell the DCGM module to update all the fields being watched.

Note: If the if the operation mode was set to manual mode (DCGM_OPERATION_MODE_MANUAL) during initialization (dcgmInit), this method must be caused periodically to allow field value watches the opportunity to gather samples.

  • pDcgmHandle – IN: DCGM Handle

  • waitForUpdate – IN: Whether or not to wait for the update loop to complete before returning to the caller 1=wait. 0=do not wait.


dcgmReturn_t dcgmPolicyTrigger(dcgmHandle_t pDcgmHandle)

Inform the policy manager loop to perform an iteration and trigger the callbacks of any registered functions.

Callback functions will be called from a separate thread as the calling function.

Note: The GPU monitoring and management agent must call this method periodically if the operation mode is set to manual mode (DCGM_OPERATION_MODE_MANUAL) during initialization (dcgmInit).


pDcgmHandle – IN: DCGM Handle


  • DCGM_ST_OK If the call was successful

  • DCGM_ST_GENERIC_ERROR The policy manager was unable to perform another iteration.