NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux API Reference Release

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Detailed Description

Manages NvMediaDevice objects, which are the root of the Nvmedia object system.

The NvMediaDevice is the root of the NvMedia object system. Using a NvMediaDevice object, all other object types may be created. See the sections describing those other object types for details on object creation.


typedef void NvMediaDevice
 An opaque handle representing a NvMediaDevice object. More...


NvMediaDeviceNvMediaDeviceCreate (void)
 Creates an NvMediaDevice. More...
void NvMediaDeviceDestroy (NvMediaDevice *device)
 Destroys an NvMediaDevice. More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef void NvMediaDevice

An opaque handle representing a NvMediaDevice object.

Definition at line 305 of file nvmedia_core.h.

Function Documentation

NvMediaDevice* NvMediaDeviceCreate ( void  )

Creates an NvMediaDevice.

The new handle for the device, or NULL if unsuccessful.
void NvMediaDeviceDestroy ( NvMediaDevice device)

Destroys an NvMediaDevice.

[in]deviceA pointer to the device to destroy.