NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux API Reference Release

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Detailed Description

Trusty technology extends technology made available in Tiny Little Kernel (TLK).

A Trusty service is a Trusted Application (TA) that provides a service to other Trusted Applications and ClTAs. An examples is: Crypto service.

The Linux OS and Trusty software operate in a master-slave relationship, with Trusty as the slave. Trusty is compiled using the GCC when building your NVIDIA DRIVE 5.0 Foundation PDK release. Trusty resides in a separate partition, which facilitates debugging.

Trusty comprises the following distinct environments and components:

For more information, see "Secure OS" in the Development Guide.


 Client Application Interface
 Defines the client application APIs.
 Common Declarations
 Defines the common declarations, functions, and error codes for the TLK.
 Memory/Cache Management
 Declarations and functions for TLK memory/cache management.
 Trusted Application (TA) Services
 Declarations and functions for the TA services.