NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux API Reference Release

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Trusted Application (TA) Services

Detailed Description

Declarations and functions for the TA services.


 Common TA Service Attributes
 Defines Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) common Trusted Application (TA) service attributes.
 Crypto Service
 Defines APIs for Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) crypto services.
 Crypto Service Manager
 Defines APIs for managing Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) crypto services.
 Defines Trusted Application (TA) services declarations and functions.
 Manifest Layout
 Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) services manifest layout.
 Memory Allocation
 Defines Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) memory allocation services functions.
 Secure Sockets Layer
 TLK services SSL functions.
 Storage Service
 Defines Trusted Little Kernel (TLK) storage services declarations and functions.
 Tegra Secure Counter (TSC) Services
 Declares the trusty TSC service declarations and functions.