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NvRmGpuDeviceEventInfoRec Struct Reference

Detailed Description

GPU device event.

Data type for a single GPU device event. This contains the timestamp and the event type.

See also

Definition at line 1386 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

Data Fields

NvRmGpuDeviceEventId eventId
 Event type. More...
uint64_t timeNs
 GPU time (in nanoseconds) More...

Field Documentation

◆ eventId

NvRmGpuDeviceEventId NvRmGpuDeviceEventInfoRec::eventId

Event type.

Definition at line 1389 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

◆ timeNs

uint64_t NvRmGpuDeviceEventInfoRec::timeNs

GPU time (in nanoseconds)

This is the unscaled GPU PTIMER timestamp at the occurrence of the event.

Certain integrated Tegra GPUs require GPU timestamp scaling. These GPUs are T210 and T214. See the discussion in NvRmGpuDeviceInfo::ptimerScaleNumerator for further details.
See also

Definition at line 1401 of file nvrm_gpu.h.

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