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nvsipl::INvSIPLClient::ConsumerDesc Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Defines a consumer of the output of the SIPL pipeline.

This object must be allocated and set by the user of NvSIPL Camera (libnvsipl.so) to specify the properties of the intended consumers of the pipeline output(s).

Definition at line 80 of file NvSIPLClient.hpp.

Public Types

enum  OutputType {
 Defines the types of the SIPL pipeline output. More...

Data Fields

std::string sName
 Holds the name of the consumer. More...
std::uint32_t uSensorIndex
 Holds the ID of the sensor. More...
OutputType eOutputType
 Holds the OutputType. More...

Member Enumeration Documentation

Defines the types of the SIPL pipeline output.


Indicates the unprocessed output of the image sensor.


Indicates the first output of NvMediaISP.


Indicates the second output of NvMediaISP.

Definition at line 83 of file NvSIPLClient.hpp.

Field Documentation

OutputType nvsipl::INvSIPLClient::ConsumerDesc::eOutputType

Holds the OutputType.

Definition at line 95 of file NvSIPLClient.hpp.

std::string nvsipl::INvSIPLClient::ConsumerDesc::sName

Holds the name of the consumer.

Definition at line 91 of file NvSIPLClient.hpp.

std::uint32_t nvsipl::INvSIPLClient::ConsumerDesc::uSensorIndex

Holds the ID of the sensor.

This must be one of the IDs in PlatformCfg.

Definition at line 93 of file NvSIPLClient.hpp.

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