Installation Using the Command Line

If you used the SDK Manager automated installation process, skip this section.
The following sections describe how to manually install via the command line. You must first make one decision:
Do you want the Ubuntu or Yocto Linux distribution?
With the Yocto Project, embedded Linux developers can build customized file systems that satisfy embedded constraints. The Yocto Project consolidates the efforts of the BitBake and OpenEmbedded communities. Those projects enable users to easily define, configure, and cross compile components required for embedded applications. To learn more about the Yocto Project, see:
NVIDIA uses GENIVI images in the Yocto framework. Components include root file systems and toolchains.
Linux provides the following Yocto root file system images:
Yocto-GENIVI (tegra-genivi-12-image)
EBRFS (tegra-genivi-12-image)
Cold-boot initramfs (tegra-genivi-12-image)
For more information on GENIVI, see:
To get started, select your installation package: