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nvsipl::INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

The interface to the frame completion queue.

Definition at line 322 of file NvSIPLPipelineMgr.hpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual SIPLStatus Get (INvSIPLClient::INvSIPLBuffer *&item, size_t timeoutUsec)=0
 Retrieve the next item from the queue. More...
virtual size_t GetCount () const =0
 Return the current queue length. More...

Protected Member Functions

 INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue ()=default
virtual ~INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue ()=default

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue()

nvsipl::INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue::INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue ( )

◆ ~INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue()

virtual nvsipl::INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue::~INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Get()

virtual SIPLStatus nvsipl::INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue::Get ( INvSIPLClient::INvSIPLBuffer *&  item,
size_t  timeoutUsec 
pure virtual

Retrieve the next item from the queue.

The buffer returned will have a single reference that must be released by the client when it has finished with the buffer. This is done by calling item->Release().

[out]itemThe item retrieved from the queue.
[in]timeoutUsecThe timeout of the request, in microseconds. If the queue is empty at the time of the call, this method will wait up to timeoutUsec microseconds for a new item to arrive in the queue and be returned.
Return values
NVSIPL_STATUS_OKif item has been successfully retrieved from the queue.
NVSIPL_STATUS_TIMED_OUTif an item was not available within the timeout interval.
NVSIPL_STATUS_EOFif the queue has been shut down. In this case, no further calls can be made on the queue object.
NVSIPL_STATUS_ERRORif a system error occurred.

◆ GetCount()

virtual size_t nvsipl::INvSIPLFrameCompletionQueue::GetCount ( ) const
pure virtual

Return the current queue length.

the number of elements currently in the queue.

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