NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux API Reference Release
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1 /*
2  * Copyright (c) 2017-2019, NVIDIA CORPORATION. All rights reserved. All
3  * information contained herein is proprietary and confidential to NVIDIA
4  * Corporation. Any use, reproduction, or disclosure without the written
5  * permission of NVIDIA Corporation is prohibited.
6  */
9 #ifndef NVMEDIA_DRM_H
10 #define NVMEDIA_DRM_H
12 #ifdef __cplusplus
13 extern "C" {
14 #endif
16 #include "nvmedia_common.h"
17 #include "nvmedia_core.h"
39 #define NVMEDIA_MAX_NALS 32
42 typedef enum {
64  NvMDRM_Clear = 0xf,
74 typedef struct
75 {
79  uint32_t uDrmMode;
81  uint32_t InitVector[NVMEDIA_MAX_NALS][4];
83  uint32_t IvValid[NVMEDIA_MAX_NALS];
87  uint32_t uEncryptBlkCnt;
89  uint32_t uSkipBlkCnt;
91  uint32_t uNumNals;
93  uint32_t KeySlotNumber;
95  uint32_t BOED[NVMEDIA_MAX_NALS];
97  uint32_t BOCD[NVMEDIA_MAX_NALS];
101  uint32_t non_slice_data;
109 typedef struct {
113  uint8_t *pClearHeaderPtr;
119 typedef struct {
121  uint8_t IV[16];
124 } NvMediaAESIv;
130 typedef struct _NvMediaAESParams
131 {
133  uint32_t uDrmMode;
135  uint8_t *pIV;
137  uint32_t uEncryptBlkCnt;
139  uint32_t uSkipBlkCnt;
141  uint32_t KeySlotNumber;
143  uint32_t *pBOED;
145  uint32_t *pBOCD;
147  uint32_t uMetadataCount;
161 typedef struct {
165  uint32_t hwClockValue;
193  NvMediaVideoCodec codec,
194  uint32_t maxBitstreamSize,
195  uint32_t flags,
196  NvMediaDecoderInstanceId instanceId
197 );
202 void
204  const NvMediaVideoDecrypter *pDecrypter
205 );
228  const NvMediaVideoDecrypter *pDecrypter,
229  const void *pictureData,
230  const NvMediaBitstreamBuffer *pBitstream,
231  NvMediaDecoderInstanceId instanceId
232 );
251  NvMediaVideoDecrypter *pDecrypter,
252  void *pictureData
253 );
257 #ifdef __cplusplus
258 }; /* extern "C" */
259 #endif
261 #endif /* NVMEDIA_DRM_H */
drm format: Clear data
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:64
Defines the supported DRM formats.
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:42
Holds an application data buffer containing compressed video data.
uint32_t * AesPass1OutputBuffer
encrypted metadata buffer of pass1
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:99
uint32_t NvMediaBool
A boolean value, holding NVMEDIA_TRUE or NVMEDIA_FALSE.
Definition: nvmedia_core.h:80
Specifies the decoder instance ID.
Holds encrypted metadata information that the parser passes to the video decoder component.
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:74
drm format: Marlin CBC
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:58
drm format: To tell clear data processing in secure buffer
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:66
uint32_t * pBOCD
pointer to bytes of clear data for subsamples
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:145
Holds re-encrypted data information that the video decoder returns to the parser. ...
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:109
uint32_t uNumNals
total number of subsamples for given buffer
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:91
uint32_t uBytesOfEncryptedData
total bytes of encrypted data in input buffer
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:85
Holds the video decrypter object.
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:161
NvMediaStatus NvMediaVideoDecryptHeader(const NvMediaVideoDecrypter *pDecrypter, const void *pictureData, const NvMediaBitstreamBuffer *pBitstream, NvMediaDecoderInstanceId instanceId)
Decrypts the HDR of the encrypted content.
uint32_t uDrmMode
drm mode of encrypted content
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:133
uint32_t uDrmMode
drm mode of encrypted content.
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:79
Holds encryption intialization vector information.
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:119
NvMediaVideoDecrypter * NvMediaVideoDecrypterCreate(NvMediaVideoCodec codec, uint32_t maxBitstreamSize, uint32_t flags, NvMediaDecoderInstanceId instanceId)
Creates a video decrypter object.
struct _NvMediaAESParams NvMediaAESParams
Holds encrypted metadata information that the client sends to the parser.
NVIDIA Media Interface: Common Types for Video/Image Encode/Decode
uint32_t * pAesPass1OutputBuffer
encrypted metadata struture pointer after pass1
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:115
uint8_t * pClearHeaderPtr
clear hdr pointer to buffer after pass1
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:113
uint32_t uNonAlignedOffset
non aligned offset for encrypted buffer
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:149
NvMediaVideoCodec eCodec
Codec type.
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:163
NVIDIA Media Interface: Core
Defines all possible error codes.
Definition: nvmedia_core.h:169
drm format: Piff CTC
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:56
drm format: None: This should be the last element
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:68
int uint32_t uint32_t uint32_t const uint32_t const uint32_t const uint32_t const uint64_t uint32_t uint32_t flags
uint32_t non_slice_data
bytes of non slice data in input buffer
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:101
drm format: Widevine
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:46
drm format: Marlin CTR
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:60
drm format: Piff CBC
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:54
uint32_t uSkipBlkCnt
skip blk count when pattern mode encryption is used
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:139
drm format: Marlin
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:52
uint32_t uClearHeaderSize
clear hdr side after pass1
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:111
uint32_t * pBOED
pointer to bytes of encrypted data for subsamples
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:143
void NvMediaVideoDecrypterDestroy(const NvMediaVideoDecrypter *pDecrypter)
Destroys a video decoder decrypter object.
max number of subsample support
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:39
NvMediaBool bIvValid
intialization vector present or not
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:123
NvMediaBool enableEncryption
Flag that specifies whether the buffer is encrypted.
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:77
Video codec type.
uint32_t uSkipBlkCnt
skip blk count when pattern mode encryption is used
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:89
Holds encrypted metadata information that the client sends to the parser.
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:130
uint32_t KeySlotNumber
keyslot number used where content key is written
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:93
uint8_t * pIV
pointer to intialization vector array
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:135
drm format: Widevine CTR
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:62
drm format: Piff
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:50
uint32_t uEncryptBlkCnt
encrypt blk count when pattern mode encryption is used
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:137
drm format: Netflix
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:44
uint32_t KeySlotNumber
keyslot number used where content key is written
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:141
uint32_t hwClockValue
pass hw decode clock value for otf case
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:165
drm format: Ultravoilet
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:48
uint32_t uMetadataCount
total number of subsamples for given buffer
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:147
NvMediaStatus NvMediaVideoGetClearHeader(NvMediaVideoDecrypter *pDecrypter, void *pictureData)
Gets clear header data after pass1.
initialization vector array
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:151
uint32_t uEncryptBlkCnt
encrypt blk count when pattern mode encryption is used
Definition: nvmedia_drm.h:87