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1 /*
2  * Copyright (c) 2019, NVIDIA CORPORATION. All rights reserved.
3  *
4  * NVIDIA Corporation and its licensors retain all intellectual property
5  * and proprietary rights in and to this software, related documentation
6  * and any modifications thereto. Any use, reproduction, disclosure or
7  * distribution of this software and related documentation without an express
8  * license agreement from NVIDIA Corporation is strictly prohibited.
9  */
40 typedef enum NvSciErrorRec {
41  /* Range 0x00000000 - 0x00FFFFFF : Common errors
42  * This range is used for errors common to all NvSci libraries. */
45  NvSciError_Success = 0x00000000,
48  NvSciError_Unknown = 0x00000001,
50  /* Generic errors */
72  /* Function parameter errors */
76  NvSciError_BadAddress = 0x00000101,
78  NvSciError_TooBig = 0x00000102,
80  NvSciError_Overflow = 0x00000103,
82  /* Timing/temporary errors */
84  NvSciError_Timeout = 0x00000200,
86  NvSciError_TryItAgain = 0x00000201,
88  NvSciError_Busy = 0x00000202,
92  /* Device errors */
96  NvSciError_NoSpace = 0x00001001,
100  NvSciError_IO = 0x00001003,
104  /* File system errors */
112  NvSciError_FileExists = 0x00001103,
122  NvSciError_FileTooBig = 0x00001108,
130  NvSciError_EndOfFile = 0x0000110C,
133  /* Communication errors */
139  NvSciError_NoData = 0x00001202,
145  NvSciError_NoRemote = 0x00001205,
147  /* Process/thread errors */
151  /* Mutex errors */
159  /* NvSci attribute list errors */
166  NvSciError_CommonEnd = 0x00FFFFFF,
169  /* Range 0x01000000 - 0x01FFFFFF : NvSciBuf errors */
176  /* Range 0x02000000 - 0x02FFFFFF : NvSciSync errors */
183  /* End of range for NvScSync errors */
187  /* Range 0x03000000 - 0x03FFFFFF : NvSciStream errors */
200  /* Range 0x04000000 - 0x04FFFFFF : NvSciIpc errors */
207  /* Range 0x05000000 - 0x05FFFFFF : NvSciEvent errors */
213 } NvSciError;
219 #endif /* INCLUDED_NVSCI_ERROR_H */
[ETIMEDOUT] Operation timed out
Definition: nvscierror.h:84
No stream packet available.
Definition: nvscierror.h:195
[ENODEV] No such device
Definition: nvscierror.h:94
[EISDIR] File is a directory
Definition: nvscierror.h:114
Unidentified NvSciEvent error with no additional info.
Definition: nvscierror.h:209
[EEXIST] File already exists
Definition: nvscierror.h:112
End of range for common error codes.
Definition: nvscierror.h:166
[ENXIO] No such device or address
Definition: nvscierror.h:98
Unsupported configuration.
Definition: nvscierror.h:180
Resource is in wrong state to perform operation.
Definition: nvscierror.h:60
End of file reached.
Definition: nvscierror.h:130
[EOWNERDEAD] Previous owner died while holding mutex
Definition: nvscierror.h:155
Unidentified NvSciSync error with no additional info.
Definition: nvscierror.h:178
[E2BIG] Parameter list too long
Definition: nvscierror.h:78
[ENOTTY] Inappropriate I/O control operation
Definition: nvscierror.h:102
[EINVAL] Invalid parameter value
Definition: nvscierror.h:74
[EFBIG] File is too large
Definition: nvscierror.h:122
[EBADFSYS] Corrupted file system detected
Definition: nvscierror.h:110
End of range for NvSciEvent errors.
Definition: nvscierror.h:211
[EFAULT] Invalid address
Definition: nvscierror.h:76
Resource failed.
Definition: nvscierror.h:70
Requested operation is not legal.
Definition: nvscierror.h:62
[ENOENT] No such file or directory
Definition: nvscierror.h:106
[EBUSY] Resource is busy
Definition: nvscierror.h:88
[EACCES] Access to resource denied
Definition: nvscierror.h:56
Provided fence is cleared.
Definition: nvscierror.h:182
End of range for NvSciIpc errors.
Definition: nvscierror.h:204
Operation requires stream be fully connected.
Definition: nvscierror.h:193
Unidentified NvSciStream error with no additional info.
Definition: nvscierror.h:189
[EBADF] Bad file descriptor
Definition: nvscierror.h:108
End of range for NvSciStream errors.
Definition: nvscierror.h:197
Unidentified NvSciBuf error with no additional info.
Definition: nvscierror.h:171
[ENAMETOOLONG] File name is too long
Definition: nvscierror.h:120
[ENOTRECOVERABLE] Mutex damaged by previous owner's death
Definition: nvscierror.h:153
[EIO] Input/output error
Definition: nvscierror.h:100
enum NvSciErrorRec NvSciError
Return/error codes for all NvSci functions.
Internal stream resource failure occurred.
Definition: nvscierror.h:191
[ETXTBSY] Text file is busy
Definition: nvscierror.h:118
[EALREADY] Pending connection is already in progress
Definition: nvscierror.h:137
Not enough (non-memory) resources.
Definition: nvscierror.h:68
[EOVERFLOW] Value too large for data type
Definition: nvscierror.h:80
[EINTR] An interrupt ocurred
Definition: nvscierror.h:90
[ENOMSG] No message of the desired type available
Definition: nvscierror.h:141
[ENFILE] Too many open files in system
Definition: nvscierror.h:128
[ENOTSUP] Feature is not supported
Definition: nvscierror.h:54
[EPERM] No permission to perform operation
Definition: nvscierror.h:58
[EMFILE] Too many open files in process
Definition: nvscierror.h:126
[ECONNRESET] Connection was closed or lost
Definition: nvscierror.h:135
Unidentified error with no additional info.
Definition: nvscierror.h:48
[ENOREMOTE] Remote node doesn't exist
Definition: nvscierror.h:145
[ENOSPC] No space left on device
Definition: nvscierror.h:96
End of range for NvSciBuf errors.
Definition: nvscierror.h:173
[ENODATA] No message data available
Definition: nvscierror.h:139
Could not validate attributes.
Definition: nvscierror.h:163
[ELOOP] Too many levels of symbolic links
Definition: nvscierror.h:124
[EDEADLK] Taking ownership would cause deadlock
Definition: nvscierror.h:157
[ESRCH] No such process
Definition: nvscierror.h:149
[ENOMEM] Not enough memory
Definition: nvscierror.h:66
Required resource is not initialized.
Definition: nvscierror.h:64
[EMSGSIZE] Message is too large
Definition: nvscierror.h:143
[EROFS] Read-only file system
Definition: nvscierror.h:116
Unidentified NvSciIpc error with no additional info.
Definition: nvscierror.h:202
Could not reconcile attributes.
Definition: nvscierror.h:161
Return/error codes for all NvSci functions.
Definition: nvscierror.h:40
[EOK] No error
Definition: nvscierror.h:45
[ENOSYS] Feature is not implemented
Definition: nvscierror.h:52
[EAGAIN] Resource unavailable.
Definition: nvscierror.h:86