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NvMediaRect Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Holds a rectangular region of a surface.

The co-ordinates are top-left inclusive, bottom-right exclusive.

The NvMedia co-ordinate system has its origin at the top left corner of a surface, with x and y components increasing right and down.

Definition at line 133 of file nvmedia_core.h.

Data Fields

uint16_t x0
 Left X co-ordinate. More...
uint16_t y0
 Top Y co-ordinate. More...
uint16_t x1
 Right X co-ordinate. More...
uint16_t y1
 Bottom Y co-ordinate. More...

Field Documentation

uint16_t NvMediaRect::x0

Left X co-ordinate.


Definition at line 135 of file nvmedia_core.h.

uint16_t NvMediaRect::x1

Right X co-ordinate.


Definition at line 139 of file nvmedia_core.h.

uint16_t NvMediaRect::y0

Top Y co-ordinate.


Definition at line 137 of file nvmedia_core.h.

uint16_t NvMediaRect::y1

Bottom Y co-ordinate.


Definition at line 141 of file nvmedia_core.h.

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