DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only


The NVIDIA® DriveWorks SDK includes the following modules.


Module Description
Core Provides features for most applications, including context handles, system/platform information, and memory management.

Sensor Abstraction Layer (SAL)

Module Description
Sensors Accesses sensors by utilizing a hardware abstraction layer.

Vehicle and Motion Actuation

Module Description
Rig Configuration Reads and enumerates pre-calibrated car and sensor properties.
VehicleIO Actuates the vehicle and provides information regarding its current state.

Image Processing

Module Description
Image Performs image abstractions, streamers, and format conversions.
Image Transformation Provides scaling utilities.
Camera Color Correction Adjusts the image color captured from cameras to match a reference camera's statistical properties.
Connected Components Applies unique labels for connected components in a grey scale input image.
Rectifier Projects images acquired from an input camera model to an output camera model.
Features Provides feature detection utilities.
Filtering Provides a Gaussian pyramid image representation.
Tracking Detects and tracks feature points or templates between frames from an input camera.
Stereo Provides stereo rectification for images acquired from a calibrated stereo camera. It also estimates the disparity between two rectified images on a confidence map.
Structure from Motion (SFM) Reconstructs the 3D structure of a scene given a moving camera rig.
Dense Optical Flow Estimates motion vectors between frames.

Point Cloud Processing

Module Description
Point Cloud Processing Provides algorithms for low level point cloud processing.

Deep Neural Network (DNN) Framework

Module Description
Data Conditioner Provides image pre-processing functionalities to modify the network input format.
DNN Runs inference on pre-trained deep neural networks.
Clusterer Implements a DBSCAN data clustering algorithm to group bounding boxes with similar properties.


Module Description
Intrinsic Camera Models Initializes camera models to provide pixel-to-ray and ray-to-pixel transformations.
Self-Calibration Correction of nominal calibration based on up-to-date sensor readings. It supports cameras, IMUs, Radars, Lidars, and Steering.
Egomotion Tracking and prediction of a vehicle's pose, based on a motion model.


Module Description
IPC Provides inter-process communication between various platforms.


Module Description
Renderer View renderer for primitives and projections.
For detailed instructions on utilizing these modules, please refer to the Tutorials.