PerfHUD Modes

PerfHUD ES has three modes of operation, listed in Table 1. During an active session, the current mode can be changed by clicking one of the icons in the vertical pane on the left or corresponding keyboard shortcuts. The three modes are independent of one another; PerfHUD ES is effectively three separate tools combined into one convenient package.

Table 1. PerfHUD ES Modes
Icon Name Description
Performance Dashboard View performance statistics in real time while the target application continues to run normally. Ctrl+P for shortcut.
Frame Debugger Drill down into one frame and examine OpenGL state, textures, and shaders. Ctrl+D for shortcut.
Frame Profiler Perform automated in-depth analysis on a particular frame to determine performance bottlenecks. Ctrl+F for shortcut.
This icon may not appear if the attached application does not support Frame Profiling (see Appendix A).

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