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nvidia gameworksNVIDIA GameWorks™ is a game development platform that transfers information and skills from NVIDIA to the real-time game and graphics game developers to advance the cutting edge of gaming on desktop, mobile and the cloud.

Here, you can find documentation for all GameWorks related products and technologies — including GameWorks libraries (NVAPI, OpenAutomate), code samples for both Direct3D and OpenGL, user guides for common mobile devices, developer tools for both desktop and mobile (such as NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition, Tegra System Profiler, and others), and numerous tips and how-to guides.

These tools work together to enable developers to push the limits of gaming and supercharge game visuals.



GameWorks Library

The GameWorks Library includes guides for Core SDK, Direct3D and OpenGL graphics/compute samples, as well as information on both OptiX and PhysX tools.

GameWorks Library Documentation >

Developer Tools

Learn about tools that will help you optimize your applications for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Developer Tools Documentation >


Tools and tips to maximize impact, for both desktop and mobile.

Technologies Documentation >

Artist Tools

Learn more about the VisualFX library of complex cinematic visual effects available for integration into games.

Artist Tools Documentation >

Mod Kits

Create your own mods and share them with the world. We can't wait to see the amazing experiences you'll create.

Mod Kits Documentation >

Mobile Devices

Walkthrough configuration and setup for your NVIDIA-powered mobile devices.

Mobile Devices Documentation >


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