Desktop Technologies
NVIDIA 3D Vision Automatic

NVIDIA 3D Vision Automatic helps developers deliver the best possible stereoscopic 3D experience to their users.

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SLI is a multi-GPU configuration that offers increased rendering performance by dividing the workload across multiple GPUs.


NVIDIA Surround

NVIDIA Surround helps support multi-display configurations when designing and implementing systems in their game or engine.

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NVIDIA Optimus

NVIDIA Optimus configurations supports rendering applications using NVIDIA High Performance Graphics while displaying on monitors connected to the Integrated Graphics.

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Mobile Technologies
CUDA for Android

This guide will show you how to install and check the correct operation of the CUDA development tools in an Android environment.

CUDA for Android >


NVIDIA DirectStylus technology applies the image-processing power of Tegra 4’s GPU to analyze data from a standard touch sensor and recognize the difference between fine-tip stylus, finger, eraser and palm.

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OpenCV for Tegra 

OpenCV for Tegra is a version of OpenCV for Android that NVIDIA optimized specifically for Tegra platform family.

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Mobile How Tos

This chapter provides several walkthroughs and "how to" guides for mobile technologies.

Mobile How Tos >

Native Android Development

This chapter provides a roadmap and tutorial for native (C/C++) development on Android devices.

Native Android Development >


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