GameWorks Library

Core SDK

The GFE Settings API (GSA) provides developers with a simple mechanism for registering applications with GeForce Experience (GFE).

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OpenAutomate (OA) is a standard API for simplifying the testing and benchmarking of applications.

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NVAPI Simple

NVAPI is NVIDIA's core software development kit that allows direct access to NVIDIA GPUs and drivers on all windows platforms.

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NvGamepad Library

The NvGamepad library helps solve the problem of implementing cross-platform game controller support, spanning both desktop and mobile technologies.

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Graphics and Compute Samples
Direct3D Samples

The Direct3D Graphics and Compute Samples pack is a resource for next-generation D3D development.

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OpenGL Samples

The OpenGL Graphics and Compute Samples pack is a resource for cross-platform OpenGL 4 (GL4) and OpenGL ES 2 and 3 (ES2 and ES3) development, targeting Android, Windows, and Linux.

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OpenGL App Framework

The API framework details the files, classes, structs, unions and interfaces that are used in the OpenGL samples.

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NVIDIA Rendering

NVIDIA Rendering

The NVIDIA® OptiX™ ray tracing engine is a programmable system designed for NVIDIA GPUs and other highly parallel architectures. NVIDIA® Material Definition Language (MDL) is a domain-specific language that describes the appearance of scene elements for a rendering process. And NVIDIA® Iray® rendering technology represents a comprehensive approach to state-of-the-art rendering for design visualization.

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APEX™ is a multi-platform, scalable dynamics framework, which puts the artist into the driver seat to quickly create dynamic interactive content. APEX is already integrated into some of the most popular game engines, e.g. UE3/UE4 and can be used on non-PhysX based game engines.

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PhysX™ is a scalable multi-platform game physics solution supporting a wide range of devices, from smartphones to high-end multicore CPUs and GPUs. The PhysX SDK provides real time collision detection and simulation of rigid bodies, cloth and fluid particle systems.

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Blast is a new NVIDIA GameWorks destruction library developed to replace the APEX Destruction module. It is redesigned from the ground up, focusing on performance, scalability, and flexibility.

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NVIDIA® VisualFX™ provides solutions for complex, cinematic visual effects. The libraries are robust, easy to integrate, and provide multi-platform support.

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The NVIDIA® Tools Extension SDK (NVTX)™ is a C-based Application Programming Interface (API) for annotating events, code ranges, and resources in your applications. Applications which integrate NVTX can use NVIDIA Nsight, Tegra System Profiler, and Visual Profiler to capture and visualize these events and ranges.

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