Direct3D Graphics/Compute Samples

D3D11 Deferred Contexts Sample

direct3d 11 deferred contexts

This sample shows how to use D3D11 Deferred Rendering contexts to lower the CPU overhead and improve performance when rendering large numbers of objects per frame, in situations where instancing is not feasible.

FXAA 3.11 Sample

fxaa 3.11

This sample presents a high performance and high quality screen-space software approximation to anti-aliasing called FXAA.

Deinterleaved Texturing Sample

deinterleaved texturing

This sample demonstrates how a large, sparse and jittered post-processing filter (here a SSAO pass with a 4x4 random texture) can be made more cache-efficient by using a Deinterleaved Texturing approach.

Antialiased Deferred Rendering

antialiased deferred rendering

This DirectX 11 sample demonstrates how to implement multisample antialiasing (MSAA) on top of deferred shading.

Motion Blur D3D Advanced Sample

motion blur d3d advanced

This sample shows a filtering method for simulating motion blur of fast-moving objects. The method used is a 2D full-screen post-process that works on a normal framebuffer augmented with a screen-space velocity buffer; thus, filtering performance is not dependent on scene geometric complexity. The algorithm is based on the paper 'A Reconstruction Filter for Plausible Motion Blur', by McGuire et. al. (SIGGRAPH I3D'12).

D3D Compute Filter Sample

direct3d compute filter

This sample demonstrates the basic techniques for using DirectCompute to process images as part of a 3D rendering pipeline. Through a series of Compute shader passes, we convert an input image into a 'summed area table' (SAT) which can then be used by a post-processing shader to simulate basic depth-of-field.

D3D Soft Shadows Sample

direct3d soft shadows

This sample demonstrates three different techniques for soft shadows on complex geometry: Percentage Closer Filtering (PCS) with a uniform kernel size, Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows (PCSS) with a variable kernel size, and Contact Hardening Shadows (CHS) with a dynamically generated fixed size kernel.




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