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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomExplicit::EllipsoidParamsEllipsoid parameters
nvidia::apex::EmitterActorApex emitter actor class. Emits particles within a given shape
nvidia::apex::EmitterAssetAPEX Emitter asset. Emits particles within some shape
nvidia::apex::EmitterAssetAuthoringAPEX Emitter Asset Authoring. Used to create APEX Emitter assets
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomBase class for all emitter shapes
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomBoxBox shape for an emitter
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomCylinderCylindrical shape for an emitter
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomExplicitExplicit geometry. Coordinates of each particle are given explicitly
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomSphereSpherical shape for an emitter
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomSphereShellSphere shell shape for an emitter. It's a shape formed by the difference of two cocentered spheres
nvidia::apex::EmitterLodParamDescLOD parameters fro emitters
nvidia::apex::EmitterTypeEmitter type
nvidia::apex::GroundEmitterActorGround Emitter actor. Uses raycasts against ground to spawn particles
nvidia::apex::GroundEmitterAssetGround emitter asset. Used to create Ground emitter actors with specific properties
nvidia::apex::GroundEmitterAssetAuthoringGround emitter authoring class. Used to create Ground emitter assets
nvidia::apex::GroundEmitterPreviewGround emitter preview class. Use for preview rendering
nvidia::apex::ImpactEmitterActorImpact emitter actor. Emits particles at impact places
nvidia::apex::ImpactEmitterAssetImpact emitter asset class
nvidia::apex::ImpactEmitterAssetAuthoringImpact emitter asset authoring. Used to create Impact Emitter assets
nvidia::apex::ImpactEmitterPreviewImpact emitter preview. Used for preview rendering of the emitter actors
nvidia::apex::MaterialLookupCallbackUser calback interface used to map raycast hitpoints to material ID If an instance of this class is registered with a ground emitter actor, the actor will call requestMaterialLookups() in lieu of doing raycasts. The call will occur from within the scope of the ApexScene thread, so the callback must be thread safe
nvidia::apex::MaterialLookupCallback::MaterialRequestMaterial request structure
nvidia::apex::ModuleEmitterAn APEX Module that provides generic Emitter classes
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomExplicit::PointListDataStructure contains positions, velocities and user data for particles
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomExplicit::PointParamsPoint parameters
nvidia::apex::EmitterGeomExplicit::SphereParamsSphere prameters

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