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#include <PxBroadPhaseExt.h>

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static PxU32 createRegionsFromWorldBounds (PxBounds3 *regions, const PxBounds3 &globalBounds, PxU32 nbSubdiv, PxU32 upAxis=1)
 Creates regions for PxSceneDesc, from a global box.

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static PxU32 PxBroadPhaseExt::createRegionsFromWorldBounds ( PxBounds3 regions,
const PxBounds3 globalBounds,
PxU32  nbSubdiv,
PxU32  upAxis = 1 
) [static]

Creates regions for PxSceneDesc, from a global box.

This helper simply subdivides the given global box into a 2D grid of smaller boxes. Each one of those smaller boxes is a region of interest for the broadphase. There are nbSubdiv*nbSubdiv regions in the 2D grid. The function does not subdivide along the given up axis.

This is the simplest setup one can use with PxBroadPhaseType::eMBP. A more sophisticated setup would try to cover the game world with a non-uniform set of regions (i.e. not just a grid).

[out] regions Regions computed from the input global box
[in] globalBounds World-space box covering the game world
[in] nbSubdiv Grid subdivision level. The function will create nbSubdiv*nbSubdiv regions.
[in] upAxis Up axis (0 for X, 1 for Y, 2 for Z).
number of regions written out to the 'regions' array
See also:
PxSceneDesc PxBroadPhaseType

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