PxClothSimpleTetherCooker Class Reference

#include <PxClothTetherCooker.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PxClothSimpleTetherCooker (const PxClothMeshDesc &desc)
 Compute tether data from PxClothMeshDesc with simple distance measure.
 ~PxClothSimpleTetherCooker ()
void getTetherData (PxU32 *userTetherAnchors, PxReal *userTetherLengths) const
 Returns computed tether data.

Private Attributes

PxClothSimpleTetherCookerImpl * mImpl

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PxClothSimpleTetherCooker::PxClothSimpleTetherCooker ( const PxClothMeshDesc desc  ) 

Compute tether data from PxClothMeshDesc with simple distance measure.

The tether constraint in PxCloth requires rest distance and anchor index to be precomputed during cooking time. This cooker computes a simple Euclidean distance to closest anchor point. The Euclidean distance measure works reasonably for flat cloth and flags and computation time is very fast. With this cooker, there is only one tether anchor point per particle.

See also:
PxClothTetherGeodesicCooker for more accurate distance estimation.
desc The cloth mesh descriptor prepared for cooking

PxClothSimpleTetherCooker::~PxClothSimpleTetherCooker (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void PxClothSimpleTetherCooker::getTetherData ( PxU32 userTetherAnchors,
PxReal *  userTetherLengths 
) const

Returns computed tether data.

This function returns anchor indices for each particle as well as desired distance between the tether anchor and the particle. The user buffers should be at least as large as number of particles.

Member Data Documentation

PxClothSimpleTetherCookerImpl* PxClothSimpleTetherCooker::mImpl [private]

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