PxSceneWriteLock Class Reference

RAII wrapper for the PxScene write lock. More...

#include <PxSceneLock.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PxSceneWriteLock (PxScene &scene, const char *file=NULL, PxU32 line=0)
 ~PxSceneWriteLock ()

Private Member Functions

 PxSceneWriteLock (const PxSceneWriteLock &)
PxSceneWriteLockoperator= (const PxSceneWriteLock &)

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Detailed Description

RAII wrapper for the PxScene write lock.

Use this class as follows to lock the scene for writing by the current thread for the duration of the enclosing scope:

PxSceneWriteLock lock(sceneRef);

See also:
PxScene::lockWrite(), PxScene::unlockWrite(), PxSceneFlag::eREQUIRE_RW_LOCK

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PxSceneWriteLock::PxSceneWriteLock ( const PxSceneWriteLock  )  [private]

PxSceneWriteLock::PxSceneWriteLock ( PxScene scene,
const char *  file = NULL,
PxU32  line = 0 
) [inline]


scene The scene to lock for writing
file Optional string for debugging purposes
line Optional line number for debugging purposes

PxSceneWriteLock::~PxSceneWriteLock (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

PxSceneWriteLock& PxSceneWriteLock::operator= ( const PxSceneWriteLock  )  [private]

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