physx Namespace Reference


namespace  pvdsdk


class  PxProfilerCallback
 The pure virtual callback interface for general purpose instrumentation and profiling of GameWorks modules as well as applications. More...
class  PxProfileScoped
class  PxCpuDispatcher
 A CpuDispatcher is responsible for scheduling the execution of tasks passed to it by the SDK. More...
class  PxGpuDispatcher
 A GpuTask dispatcher. More...
struct  PxGpuTaskHint
 Define the 'flavor' of a PxGpuTask. More...
class  PxGpuTask
 PxTask implementation for launching CUDA work. More...
class  PxBaseTask
 Base class of all task types. More...
class  PxTask
 A PxBaseTask implementation with deferred execution and full dependencies. More...
class  PxLightCpuTask
 A PxBaseTask implementation with immediate execution and simple dependencies. More...
struct  PxTaskType
 Identifies the type of each heavyweight PxTask object. More...
class  PxTaskManager
 The PxTaskManager interface. More...


typedef int64_t PxI64
typedef uint64_t PxU64
typedef int32_t PxI32
typedef uint32_t PxU32
typedef int16_t PxI16
typedef uint16_t PxU16
typedef int8_t PxI8
typedef uint8_t PxU8
typedef float PxF32
typedef double PxF64
typedef float PxReal
typedef unsigned int PxTaskID

Typedef Documentation

typedef float physx::PxF32

typedef double physx::PxF64

typedef int16_t physx::PxI16

typedef int32_t physx::PxI32

typedef int64_t physx::PxI64

typedef int8_t physx::PxI8

typedef float physx::PxReal

typedef unsigned int physx::PxTaskID

typedef uint16_t physx::PxU16

typedef uint32_t physx::PxU32

typedef uint64_t physx::PxU64

typedef uint8_t physx::PxU8

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