PxErrorCode Struct Reference

Error codes. More...

#include <PxErrors.h>

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Public Types

enum  Enum {
  eNO_ERROR = 0,
  eDEBUG_INFO = 1,
  eOUT_OF_MEMORY = 16,
  eABORT = 64,
  ePERF_WARNING = 128,
  eMASK_ALL = -1

Detailed Description

Error codes.

These error codes are passed to PxErrorCallback

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Member Enumeration Documentation

eDEBUG_INFO  An informational message.
eDEBUG_WARNING  a warning message for the user to help with debugging
eINVALID_PARAMETER  method called with invalid parameter(s)
eINVALID_OPERATION  method was called at a time when an operation is not possible
eOUT_OF_MEMORY  method failed to allocate some memory
eINTERNAL_ERROR  The library failed for some reason. Possibly you have passed invalid values like NaNs, which are not checked for.
eABORT  An unrecoverable error, execution should be halted and log output flushed.
ePERF_WARNING  The SDK has determined that an operation may result in poor performance.
eMASK_ALL  A bit mask for including all errors.

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