PxMeshPreprocessingFlag Struct Reference

Enum for the set of mesh pre-processing parameters. More...

#include <PxCooking.h>

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Public Types

enum  Enum {
  eWELD_VERTICES = 1 << 0,
  eFORCE_32BIT_INDICES = 1 << 3

Detailed Description

Enum for the set of mesh pre-processing parameters.

Member Enumeration Documentation

eWELD_VERTICES  When set, mesh welding is performed. See PxCookingParams::meshWeldTolerance. Clean mesh must be enabled.
eDISABLE_CLEAN_MESH  When set, mesh cleaning is disabled. This makes cooking faster.

When clean mesh is not performed, mesh welding is also not performed.

It is recommended to use only meshes that passed during validateTriangleMesh.

eDISABLE_ACTIVE_EDGES_PRECOMPUTE  When set, active edges are set for each triangle edge. This makes cooking faster but slow up contact generation.
eFORCE_32BIT_INDICES  When set, 32-bit indices will always be created regardless of triangle count.

By default mesh will be created with 16-bit indices for triangle count <= 0xFFFF and 32-bit otherwise.

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