IGX Orin Mechanical Design and Installation Guide (Latest Version)

3D CAD Model

NVIDIA provides 3D CAD models of the NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit in STP format for custom mechanical and thermal solution design. The NVIDIA_IGX_Orin_Boards_Kit_3D_STEP.nvzip is attached to this installation guide and includes the following:

  • NVIDIA_IGX_Orin_Motherboard_C00.stp

  • NVIDIA_IGX_Orin_Industrial_Module_V01.stp

  • NVIDIA_IGX_Orin_BMC_Module_V01.stp

To access the attached file, click the Attachment icon on the left-hand toolbar on this PDF (using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat). Select the file and use the Tool Bar options (Open, Save) to retrieve the documents. Files with the .nvzip extension can be extracted using 7-Zip file archive software or may be renamed to .zip and extracted with other archive software.

Figure 1 shows the 3D image of the NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit with the modules assembled.


Figure 1. NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit

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