Mechanical Dimensions

IGX Orin Mechanical Design and Installation Guide (Latest Version)

The NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit is 198.98 mm width, 243.84 mm length, and 35.68 mm height. Figure 2 provides a detailed view of the outer dimensions of the motherboard and the position of the holes.


Figure 2. Motherboard Dimensions

The NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit has pre-assembled bottom stiffeners on the bottom of the motherboard. These are underneath the NVIDIA IGX Orin Industrial Module and NVIDIA® CONNECTX®-7 SoC and are used to secure the thermal solutions.

Figure 3 shows four holes with M3 for the Orin Module and another four Ø3.5 holes for ConnectX-7 SoC.


The holes with M3 are threaded. The holes with Ø3.5 are through holes.


Figure 3. Thermal Solution Holes

The NVIDIA IGX Orin Boards Kit has interface connectors for audio (AU), VESA® DisplayPort™ (DP), USB and Ethernet. Figure 4 and Figure 5 a detailed dimension of the connectors.


Figure 4. Interface Connection Dimensions (Top View)


Figure 5. Interface Connection Dimensions (Front View)

The motherboard has six holes that are highly recommended to use for board secure on plate or chassis. Figure 6 shows the location of the six holes (marked as B, C, F, J, H, and R) and Table 1 is the specification of screw and torque that NVIDIA uses for internal use.


Figure 6. Chassis Holes





6-32 UNC

This is what NVIDIA uses for internal use. NVIDIA recommends for customers to develop their own specification for screw and torque.


Min: 4.5 in-lbf

Max: 5.5 in-lbf

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