Mechanical Specifications

IGX Orin Product Specifications (Latest Version)

This section details the mechanical specifications for the IGX Orin Board.

The following are the IGX Orin Board dimensions including the IGX Module and BMC Module. The weight includes the IGX Orin Board with IGX Module and BMC Module installed.

  • Dimensions: 243.84 mm (width) × 198.98 mm (length) × 37.25 mm (height from bottom of PCB).

  • Weight:

    • IGX Module: 306 g

    • BMC Module (including bracket): 36 g

    • Motherboard: 525 g

Figure 12‑1 shows the basic mechanical dimensions. See the Mechanical and Thermal Application Note for more detail.

  • All dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise specified.

  • Tolerances are: .X ± 0.25, .XX ± is 0.1, Angle ± is 1°


Figure 12‑1. Motherboard Dimensions – Top and Rear View

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