Common Prod Configuration

The prod configurations are the system-characterized values of interface and controller settings, which are required for the interface to work reliably for a platform. The prod configurations are set separately at the controller and pinmux/pad levels. This file contains the common pinmux/pad level prod settings.

Here are the required properties:

  • addr-value-data: List of <Absolute PADCTL register address, mask, data>

For each entry in the prod configuration file, MB1 reads the data from the specified address, modifies the data based on mask and value, and writes the data back to the address.

val = read(address)
val = (val & ~mask) | (value & mask);
write(val, address);

The common prod DTS file is in the hardware/nvidia/platform/t23x/<platform>/bct/ directory.

Here is the new DTS format example of prod config file:

 / {
    prod {
        addr-mask-data = <0x0c302030 0x0000100 0x00000000>,
                         <0x0c302040 0x0000100 0x00000000>,
                         <0x0244100c 0xff1ff000 0x0a00a000>,
                         <0x02441004 0xff1ff000 0x0a00a000>;

Here is the previous CFG format:

prod.major = 1;
prod.minor = 0;

prod.0x0c302030.0x0000100 = 0x00000000;
prod.0x0c302040.0x0000100 = 0x00000000;
prod.0x0244100c.0xff1ff000 = 0x0a00a000;
prod.0x02441004.0xff1ff000 = 0x0a00a000;