UPHY Lane Configuration

UPHY lanes can be configured to be owned by various IPs such as XUSB, NVME, MPHY, PCIE, NVLINK, and so on. MB1 supports NVME and UFS as boot devices for the UPHY lanes that need to be configured to access the storage in MB1 and MB2. This configuration file defines the UPHY lane configurations that are needed for MB1.


In T23x, BPMP-FW is loaded by MB1 and MB2 relies on BPMP-FW for UPHY configuration.

Each entry in the configuration file is in the following form:

 / {
    uphy-lane {
       <instance-type {
           lane-owner-map = < <id> <owner-id> >,
                            < <id> <owner-id> >;


  • <instance-type> is the type of UPHY that needs to be configured, and it can be hsio or nvhs.

  • <uphy-component> is lane or pll that needs to be configured.

  • <id> is the lane/pll number that needs to be configured.

  • <owner-id> is the unique ID of the owner to which lane/pll will be assigned.

The UPHY lane configurations are in the hardware/nvidia/platform/t23x/<platform>/bct/ directory.

Here is the new DTS example UPHY lane DTS configuration file:


/ {
   uphy-lane {
      hsio  {
           lane-owner-map = <10 2>,
                            <11 1>;

Here is the previous CFG file format:

uphy-lane.major = 1;
uphy-lane.minor = 0;
uphy-lane.hsio.lane.10 = 2;
uphy-lane.hsio.lane.11 = 1;