This topic describes security features of NVIDIA® Jetson™ Linux. Below are the subtopics:

  • Secure Boot describes Secure Boot, a feature which ensures that the Jetson Linux boot process cannot be redirected or compromised.

  • OP-TEE describes the Open Portable Trusted Execution Environment, a TEE provided with Jetson Linux.

  • Disk Encryption describes the Jetson Linux implementation of Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS), the Linux standard for disk encryption. This release does not support this feature.

  • Secure Storage describes Secure Storage, a feature that provides a solution to ensure the general-purpose data and key material can be stored securely.

  • Rollback Protection describes Rollback Protection, a feature that prevents a computing system from being downgraded (rolled back) from a later version to an earlier one.

  • PVA Authentication describes the Authentication feature for software that executes on the PVA.