Start Working in Omniverse!

Explore Real-Time Iteration in a Detail-Rich 3D Environment (Latest Version)

If you are familiar with 3D CAD or digital content creation applications, you should quickly get the hang of it!

Remember that you can pick an object in the Stage (next to layer manager) and press F to center your view on it. This makes orbiting and resetting your view much simpler.

Zoom (scroll) and Pan (click + drag)



Look Around

Walk (While looking around)


Here is what you will do in the following exploration.

  1. Set up the scene

  2. Load the sample asset

  3. Experiment with three different features.

Part 1: Set up the scene

Before we can begin, we need to do two things in a new, empty scene.

  1. Remove the default light

  2. Change the default axis to “Z-up”

If you know how to do these things on your own, go ahead and do them now. If you need a refresher, watch the following recap or view a list of steps.

Part 2: Open the Sample asset

First, let’s open the sample


This scene is comprised of:

  • 1.5 Billion Polygons

  • 66.5 Million Unique Polygons

  • 1,966 Lights

  • 11,622 MDL Material Textures

Part 3: Things to try

All these changes will be completed in their editing layer.

Guided Exploration #1: Manipulate the daylight system.

If you know how to do these things yourself, go ahead and do them now. If you need a refresher, view the following recap.

Guided Exploration #2: Add new assets from the Asset Browser

Adding assets is easy. Follow these simple steps

Edit and Change materials

Changing and editing materials on large numbers of objects is easy. Follow these steps to experiment with materials

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