Predict Prices with Accelerated Data Processing (Latest Version)

Welcome to the trial of NVIDIA AI Enterprise NVIDIA LaunchPad.

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise suite includes the applications, frameworks, and tools that AI researchers, data scientists, and developers use for creating their AI and Machine Learning applications.


In this AI Practitoner’s LaunchPad journey, you will run through a Jupyter lab notebook, which uses NVIDIA RAPIDS and the popular New York City taxi dataset to predict ride fares in Manhattan.The dataset contains columns like pickup points, dropoff points, fare amount, number of passenger. You will use the data to train an XGBoost model on GPU. This lab should take roughly 30 minutes.


To assist you in your LaunchPad journey, there are a couple of important links on the left-hand navigation pane of this page. In the next step, you will use the Jupyter notebook tab.

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