class pyds.NvDsTargetMiscDataStream

List of objects in each stream. See NvDsTargetMiscDataFrame for example usage.

  • streamIDint, Stream id the same as frame_meta->pad_index.

  • surfaceStreamIDint, Stream id used inside tracker plugin.

  • numAllocatedint, Maximum number of objects allocated.

  • numFilledint, Number of objects in this frame.

cast(self: capsule) pyds.NvDsTargetMiscDataStream

cast given object/data to NvDsTargetMiscDataStream, call pyds.NvDsTargetMiscDataStream.cast(data)

list(self: pyds.NvDsTargetMiscDataStream) iterator

Retrieve NvDsTargetMiscDataStream object as list of NvDsTargetMiscDataObject. Contains objects inside this stream.