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Out of Date Build Cache

The Morpheus build system, by default, stores all build artifacts and cached output in the ${MORPHEUS_ROOT}/.cache directory. This cache directory is designed to speed up successive builds but occasionally can get out of date and cause unexpected build errors. In this situation, it’s best to completely delete the build and cache directories and restart the build:


# Delete the build and cache folders rm -rf ${MORPHEUS_ROOT}/.cache rm -rf ${MORPHEUS_ROOT}/build # Restart the build ./scripts/

Debugging Python Code

To debug issues in python code, several Visual Studio Code launch configurations have been included in the repo. These launch configurations can be found in ${MORPHEUS_ROOT}/morpheus.code-workspace. To launch the debugging environment, ensure that Visual Studio Code has opened the morpheus workspace file (File->Open Workspace from File…). Once the workspace has been loaded, the launch configurations should be available in the debugging tab.

Debugging C++ Code

Similar to the Python launch configurations, several C++ launch configurations can be found in the Visual Studio Code workspace file. However, unlike the Python configuration, it’s necessary to ensure morpheus was compiled in Debug mode in order for breakpoints to work correctly. To build Morpheus in Debug mode, use the following:



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