Converting from Megatron-LM

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NVIDIA NeMo and NVIDIA Megatron-LM share many underlying technologies. This document provides guidance for migrating your project from Megatron-LM to NVIDIA NeMo.

You can convert your GPT-style model checkpoints trained with Megatron-LM into the NeMo Framework using the provided example script. This script facilitates the conversion of Megatron-LM checkpoints to NeMo compatible formats.


<NeMo_ROOT_FOLDER>/examples/nlp/language_modeling/ \ --checkpoint_folder <path_to_PTL_checkpoints_folder> \ --checkpoint_name megatron_gpt--val_loss=99.99-step={steps}-consumed_samples={consumed}.0 \ --nemo_file_path <path_to_output_nemo_file> \ --model_type <megatron_model_type> \ --tensor_model_parallel_size <tensor_model_parallel_size> \ --pipeline_model_parallel_size <pipeline_model_parallel_size> \ --gpus_per_node <gpus_per_node>

To resume training from a converted Megatron-LM checkpoint, it is crucial to correctly set up the training parameters to match the previous learning rate schedule. Use the following setting for the trainer.max_steps parameter in your NeMo training configuration:


trainer.max_steps=round(lr-warmup-fraction * lr-decay-iters + lr-decay-iters)

This configuration ensures that the learning rate scheduler in NeMo continues from where it left off in Megatron-LM, using the lr-warmup-fraction and lr-decay-iters arguments from the original Megatron-LM training setup.

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