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We provide easy-to-use tools that enable users to convert community checkpoints into the NeMo format. These tools facilitate various operations, including resuming training, Sparse Fine-Tuning (SFT), Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning (PEFT), and deployment. For detailed instructions and guidelines, please refer to our documentation.

We offer comprehensive guides to assist both end users and developers:

  • User Guide: Detailed steps on how to convert community model checkpoints for further training or deployment within NeMo. For more information, please see our Community Model Converter User Guide.

  • Developer Guide: Instructions for developers on how to implement converters for community model checkpoints, allowing for broader compatibility and integration within the NeMo ecosystem. For development details, refer to our Community Model Converter Development Guide.

  • Megatron-LM Checkpoint Conversion: NVIDIA NeMo and NVIDIA Megatron-LM share several foundational technologies. You can convert your GPT-style model checkpoints trained with Megatron-LM into the NeMo Framework using our scripts, see our Converting from Megatron-LM.

Access the user and developer guides directly through the links below:

Conversion Guides

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