Where to Find More LinkX Documentation

LinkX User Guide for 400G and 200G using 50G-PAM4 and 100G using 25G-NRZ Modulation Cables and Transceivers

This user guide is to be used in conjunction with other documents located in folders in docs.nvidia.com/networking/ > Interconnect.
This site is where the following LinkX cables and transceivers documents are provided.

LinkX Overview Documents:

Review of parts, important notes, and configuration details for linking to NVIDIA switches and adapters

Configuration Maps:

Picture and part number-based PowerPoint® slides for every configuration with NVIDIA switches, network adapters, and DGX GPU systems for 100G-PAM4, 50G-PAM4, 25G-NRZ cables and transceivers

Parts Lists:

Tables summarize by speed, form factor, connector, power, reach, etc. and hyperlinks to individual products specs

Product Specifications:

10–to-16-page detailed hardware datasheets with physical, thermal, electrical, and optical specifications for each product

Additional Docs:

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