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Important Notes

Security Hardening Enhancements: This release contains important reliability improvements and security hardening enhancements. Mellanox recommends upgrading your devices firmware to this release to improve the devices’ firmware security and reliability.

SR-IOV - Virtual Functions (VF) per Port - The maximum Virtual Functions (VF) per port is 127. For further information, see RoCE Limitations.

Changes and New Feature in this Firmware Version 



 RoCE Selective Repeat
RoCE Selective Repeat introduces a new QP retransmission mode in RoCE: recovery from packet drop by resending the dropped packet and not only all the PSN window (Go-Back-N protocol),
This new capability comes with the following limitations:
  • Selective repeat cannot be used with AR
  • Does not work with signature (T10-DIF)
  • Does not work with Tag Matching enabled
RedFish (RDE)

Allows BMC to query and control NIC over RedFish API ( Currently, the NIC supports reading data and setting basic Ethernet and InfiniBand parameters.

ECMP with RoCE Traffic
Enables matching of source_vhca_port in the FDB flow for ECMP hardware offload on a single FDB
Hardware Offloaded Rules (Resource Dump)
Added support for dumping hardware steering entries (raw data) using the resource dump API
Link Down CounterThe eth_link_down_counter now counts logical link downs as well.
Bug FixesSee Bug Fixes