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DateDescription of Changes
May. 2023

Added non-operational storage temperature specifications.

Sep. 2022Added a note on VPD EEPROM memory component under the Features and Benefits table.
Feb. 2021

Added Standby Mode power numbers for passive cables for OPNs MCX545B-CCUN, MCX542B-AC[A/U]N, and MCX545B-GCUN.

Jan. 2021Updated MCX546A-BCAN in "Specifications" and "LED Interface".
Oct. 2020Added MCX545B-GCUN support across the document. 
Jul. 2020Added MCX542B-ACUN support across the document.
Apr. 2020Added MCX545A-CCUN support across the document.
Feb. 2020Added altitude criteria to "Specifications".
Jan. 2020Added MCX545B-CCUN support across the document.
Oct. 2019Updated the supported Ethernet protocols in "Specifications".
Oct. 2019Updated board labels in "Finding the MAC and Serial Number on the Adapter Card".
May. 2019Added a note to "MCX542B-ACAN Specifications".
Apr. 2019Updated comments in "Introduction", "Hardware Installation" and "Specifications".
Feb. 2019Added a comment to "Introduction" and "Specifications".
Jan. 2019Added MCX542B-ACAN and MCX546A-BCAN support across the document.
Dec. 2018Migrated to on-line format; minor reorganization.
Oct. 2018

Updated MCX542A-ACAN Specification.

Sep. 2018

Added MCX546A-CDAN and MCX542A-ACAN support across the document.

Jul. 2017

First release