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DateDescription of Changes
May. 2023

Added non-operational storage temperature specifications.

Sep. 2022Added a note concerning FRU EEPROM memory component under the Features and Benefits table.
Jan. 2021
  • Updated PCIe spec fields under  "Specifications" page
  • Updated LED Interface
Feb. 2020Added altitude criteria to "Specifications" page
Jan. 2020Added MCX556A-ECUT to relevant sections
Oct. 2019Updated Ethernet supported protocols
Apr. 2019
  • Added a note to "Features and Benefits"
Dec. 2018
  • Migrated to on-line format; minor reorganization
Jul. 2018
  • Updated Adapter Card LED Operations
Jan. 2018
  • Updated LED Operation

  • Added a note to Hardware Requirements

Nov. 2017
  • Updated Adapter Card LED Operations
Oct. 2017
  • Updated the following specification tables of : MCX555A-ECAT, MCX556A-ECAT, MCX556A-EDAT

  • Updated Linux Driver Installation

Apr. 2017
  • Updated Product Overview
  • Updated Installation Instructions
Mar. 2017First release