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Known Issues

ConnectX-6 DE has the same feature set and limitations as ConnectX-6 adapter card. For the list of ConnectX-6 Known Issues, please go to

The below are limitations related to ConnectX-6 DE only. 

Internal Ref.Issue


Description: A wrong device ID is presented When running the “dev_id” command for ConnectX-6 DE. The device ID shown is the ConnectX-6 Dx instead.

Workaround: To be able to identify the ConnectX-6 DE ID, run one of the commands below:

  • mlxfwmanager
  • mlxvpd (or mlxburn -vpd)
Keywords: Device ID

Discovered in Version: 22.32.2306


Description: Occasionally, when rising a logical link, the link recovery counter is increase by 1.

Workaround: N/A

Keywords: Link recovery counter

Discovered in Version: 22.32.2306